The following services are not included in the basic Quantity Surveying service described under service
Type A and constitute additional services which will attract additional fees. Fees for these services are to
be charged in accordance with the provisions of clause 7.0 (See Quantity Surveying and Project
Management consultancy conditions of engagement, 2016)
B.01    Pricing Bills of Quantities as an independent service.
Re-pricing/Re-evaluation of Bills of Quantities of a suspended, abandoned or terminated project as a
basis for comparing tenders or for any other purposes.
B.02    Preparing Schedule of Materials/Plant etc. for use in the works where Bills of Quantities are
already prepared. Preparing the schedule based on drawings only.
B.03    Multiple contracts-where up to Three (3) contracts are awarded directly and simultaneously for
works of similar nature to different contractors on one project site
B.04 Resident supervision where,
   B04.1 Due to the complex nature of the project subject to the agreement of client.
shall be regarded as additional service.
B04.2  Where more than Three (3) similar type contractors operate on similar works nature on one site
B04.3  Where contracts are based on schedule of Rates, or Approximate Bills of Quantities, which require on-site re-measurement as the work proceeds.
B.05    Additional Site visits-where the consultant is required or requested to visit site for more than once a month, to attend a meeting.
B.06 Selection of Site of Building; For advising on the selection and suitability of site for development, conducting negotiation in connection with sites or buildings, making measured surveys etc.
B.07 Preparing Replacement Cost Valuation for Insurance and other purpose
B.08 Building survey for making inspections, preparing reports or giving general advice on the condtion of the premises, construction value of the existing structure and the cost of completion or upgrading as necessary.
B.09    Property Maintenance: For preparing schedule of dilapidation and negotiating them on behalf of Landlords or Tenants, for taking particulars on site, preparing specifications for repairs and supervising their execution
B.10 Specialist Works Procurement: For procurement management of isolated/discrete works intervals by the form the basis of payments to the Works involving Landscape, Furniture and Fittings, Building Systems and Components: Interior design, Shop front, Exhibition fit-out
B.11    Dispute Resolution Service: For qualifying to give evidence, getting proof, conferences with Solicitors and Counsel, attendance at Courts, or at Arbitration, or before Tribunals for services in connection with Litigation and Arbitration.
B.12    Rehabilitation and Restoration work on Damaged Existing Building and structure
B.13    Land Regularization Management (C of O)
B.14    Due Diligence
B.15    Contract Drafting
B.16    Capital Allowance and Taxation Advice
B.17    Contract Auditing
B.18    Cost Auditing